Spiritual Direction

“ I sought Lisa out to be my spiritual director. I felt comfortable with her quite quickly and in a short space of time felt I had a spiritual companion to accompany me on life’s journey. Lisa has a depth and spirituality about her that makes her well suited for this role. At the same time she is real and genuine. She's also not afraid to sit in quiet and grief. And yet still encourages you to find where God may be in that moment.”


“I enjoyed the services we had.  It lifted me up.  Brought me out of myself and to a safer place…..We became closer.  We become more understanding.  We became more of a family.”

“ I was quite impressed with the weekend, namely, how Lisa handled the group – respectfully yet firmly, not allowing us to get off track and derail the moment. At the same time, she allowed for everyone to be heard and people took the opportunity to open up.”

"Thank you for yesterday's retreat! It truly was a joy to experience!  I know that you will enjoy this video that someone I don't know in West Haven made.  It brought tears to my eyes when I watched it because of my link to the community, and the connection I felt at our retreat was even more so because of this song throughout the day."  Blessings to you in all that you do! You've certainly added light to my flame. Please share my message of thanks with Rev. Jo Clare as well!

Day of Reflection - Parish Staff

“ The day was an inspirational one”

“Thank you the wonderful day of quiet time to hear God's voice. My staff, associates and I are very grateful that you were able to do this for us.”

Grief Support - Church community

“I liked the opportunity to use handouts during the time between sessions. In addition I felt that the “homework” was helpful in ensuring that I was anchored in the matter when I returned to the next session. It is too easy to bounce from meeting to meeting without giving purposeful thought in order to be prepared.”

“It was helpful to understand that the grieving process is not a linear one. Knowing this made it possible to understand why feelings resurface, even after I feel that I have been able to deal with them. The exercise in writing was an opportunity to put into words how I felt. If I was not in such a safe environment I am not sure that I would have been able to share those feelings.”

“I felt heard throughout the sessions.”

"What a day!
Our amazing session was followed by a Town Meeting that went for two hours, TE people so engaged with how to sustain our little synagogue, and why that's so important to us!"

"I can't find words to thank you for what you made happen for us today.  You are gifted, and you gave us that gift, which I know you felt, how profound that was for us.  I kept using the word "intimate," for what we experienced.  Yes, I am deeply devoted to Temple Emanuel. I will do almost anything for this synagogue.  Maybe today's time with us gave you an inkling about why."

"Thank you, in my simple words, for bringing us your special talents, to bring out what is so special, and deeply important, to our congregation.  It was truly a mitzvah, and I thank you with a full heart."

Grief Support - one-to-one sessions

“Lisa has helped me find my way back after the loss of my mother. She is compassionate, supportive and skilled in her guidance through the turbulent sea of grief. She has been a beacon for me and is helping me also on my spiritual journey. I learn so much from every session. I feel blessed to have found her. “

“Your sensitivity, attentive listening, constructive feedback and suggested activities to explore/work through my grief gradually helped me move forward -finally. I feel as though I’ve come out from under my blanket of sorrow.”

Grief Support - group leader

“Lisa Irish is an exceptional group facilitator. I have worked with group facilitation and I wish every leader had her skills, knowledge and compassion!”

“Everything flowed well. Lisa facilitated with expertise and created a very safe sharing environment.”


“You made our experience so personal and the ceremony truly felt like a collaborative effort!  Daniel and I grew up in households with very different religious backgrounds and you were able create a ceremony that acknowledged God's presence in our union without alienating either of our families.”