In our contemporary world, we are often put into a very difficult position during the medical crises of our loved ones. Family members are asked to make selections about end-of-life care without knowing what their loved one really wants. Or worse, physicians direct the care without incorporating a full understanding of the patient’s wishes. If Advance Directives are completed, it is often within a legal environment that does not support a personal, even spiritual, understanding of the process.

“Making Thoughtful Choices” is a 4 week series of facilitated group sessions exploring end of life decisions. Participants reflect on and discuss information about living wills, health care agents, and dying with dignity to help them comfortably understand and complete their Advance Directives. This process can create ease for the participants and informed conversation between family members. By focusing on the details of dying, the participants find greater freedom to embrace their living. Sessions are confidential and respectful of the mystery of death. Through this community based ministry, This Little Light seeks to illuminate an otherwise dark and difficult subject and enable a proactive, yet sensitive approach, to future crisis.