“ Yet you, O merciful One, were ever present.
You brought me forth into the light.”

Psalm 18

My journey into ministry seems obvious from the outside, the sequence of positions and activities always revealed my passion for the Spirit. But inside, it has not been that obvious. Each new area of training asked a deeper and deeper “yes” from me, and the process of coming to that “yes” always included self-consciousness and doubt. In spite of the many gifts and blessings I have experienced, I always made a stop in the land of “should I be doing this”?

I’m sure I will continue to make that stop, once in a while, as I go forward in my call to ministry. Our human side can’t help itself! But this website represents a turning point for me. My awareness of God’s invitation to myself, and to all of us, is undeniable. As the psalmist said,
“Yet, you, O merciful One, you were ever present.  
You brought me forth into the Light; you released my fears,
You delighted in me.
O Holy One, you see the intentions of my heart;
As I surrender to your love, I grow in peace and gratitude."

And so, with humility and compassion, I offer another “yes” to God, the source of Light itself. If my training, experience and passion for the spiritual journey can help others, I am willing. If my little light can illuminate another’s path as they rekindle their own light, I am willing.
“O keep me steadfast in my love for you, Light of my life!”*
*inspired by Nan Merrill, Psalms for Praying