Open to Hope is a non-profit organization with the mission of helping people find hope after loss. Contributing authors share stories and wisdom on the Open to Hope website, giving a voice to grief and to the journey of healing. Articles are collected in categories, such as death of a parent, spouse, sibling or child; as well as, suicide, pregnancy, twin or military losses. Dr. Gloria Horsely PhD with her daughter, Dr. Heidi Horsely, PsyD founded Open to Hope and work to continue its outreach through Open to Hope radio and Open to Hope television programming.

Lisa joined the team of Open To Hope authors in 2014. Through this well-established resource, she is able to further her outreach to those who are grieving.
Her articles include The Last Christmas Stocking, Joan Rivers' Death highlights Value of Advance Directives, Responding to Loss: Moving on, Moving Forward, Moving In, The Chauffeur's Flower: Memories of an Early Loss

Lisa has been interviewed by Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi about what grief can teach us.  She tells some of her own story as well as sharing her passion for helping those who are hurting due to loss. Lisa joins many others who believe that loss becomes a great teacher, leading us toward living our lives to the fullest. Lisa is grateful for the opportunity to work with Open to Hope and to offer her own voice of hope. The interview and accompanying pictures can be found at this youtube link Interview with Lisa. It will also be available after February 12, 2015 on the Open To Hope website.